Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

  • Log in to your Nintendo account using the web browser of your choice..
  • Choose "Family Group".
  • Select the account you want to set restrictions for.
  • Select the setting you want to restrict.
  • Select the setting "Spending/Purchases on Nintendo Switch eShop and the Nintendo website".
  • Check the box next to "Restrict this user's purchases on Nintendo Switch eShop and".
  • Check the box and click "Save Changes".

  • Click on "System Settings".
  • Press "Play time Limit".
  • Choose "Set individually".
Here you can set time limits for each day of the week.

  • Click on "System Settings".
  • Click on "Restraint Level."
  • In the bottom half of the screen, click "Free Communication With Others".
  • If the "Free Communication With Others" option is not selected, select "Customize settings" to manually manage your child's communications. Choosing the age of "Child" and "Pre-adolescence" will automatically restrict communications.
  • Choose the "Restrict Communication with Others" option next to the individual games you want to restrict communication for.

  • Click on "System Settings".
  • Click on "Restriction Level".
  • Select the appropriate age for your child (Teen, Child), or click "Customize Settings" to have more nuanced options.
    • Change the content your children can access.
      For example, if you select "Teen", your console will have access to "Appropriate for All Ages" games.

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