General Tips

General Tips

General tips to help your children play safely

Video games of all kinds are no longer optional in the lives of our children; they have asserted themselves forcefully, taking a great deal of our children’s time and interest. So, as parents, we must consider the safety factors in video games to ensure that they do not negatively affect the health, minds, and behaviours of our children. In order to play this role properly, we must observe what and how our children are playing. Here are some general tips that should be considered to ensure our children are safely playing the games they enjoy.

How Should Our Children Play?

  • Make sure to remind your children of prayer times.
  • Make sure your child sits in a healthy position with good posture while playing.
  • Make sure your child isn’t sitting in a closed room away from the rest of the family.
  • Make sure the room is properly lit; playing in a dark or dimly lit room is unhealthy.
  • Make sure your child takes a short break and doesn’t play for long, continuous periods of time.
  • Monitor your child’s play time and make sure the games do not affect their education, social life, and health.

What Should Our Children Play?

  • Search for the game on Qayyem’s website to get a brief overview of the content of the game and if it’s appropriate to your child’s age.
  • Play with your child if you have the time. This should give you an indication of the good and bad aspects of the game, and you will also get to spend some quality time with your child.
  • Some aspects of a game do not appear until later stages, so make sure to check on your child from time to time.
  • Note that some games allow downloading new parts (DLCs) from the internet that may change the rating of the game.
  • Make sure to choose games that urge your child to think. You should know that the ultimate goal of video games is to spend time and develop skills.
  • You should be aware of the fact that online games allow your child to communicate with a large number of players from different backgrounds and environments. You should inform your child of some safety precautions so that they don’t give any other players personal information about themselves nor engage in discussions that are not about the game.