Each game receives a special rating from a professional player based on their experience playing the game and the notes they made. They first undergo a comprehensive training program, through which they can apply the evaluation criteria while also documenting all stages of the game through a complete playthrough recording. The player’s notes are presented to a specialized committee that evaluates the content of the game.

Qayyem is a system that does not aim at evaluating the quality of video games, nor is it interested in the level of a game’s difficulty or skills needed to play it. Rather, it objectively provides a brief description of the content of the game in terms of its compatibility with our values and our religion: Islam, in order to draw the attention of players, parents, and educators to the existence of some aspects that may affect the beliefs and behaviors of our children. Qayyem also shows the appropriate age to play each game.

We hope to rate all games, but due to the massive number of video games and the variety of gaming platforms, we have started rating the most famous and played video games among children, and we hope to cover as many games as possible in the coming period.

You can search for a game’s rating by typing the full name of the game or any part of it into the search page and the game’s rating will appear to you.

Yes, you can submit the name of the game in your recommendation to us. When the name of a specific game is repeated by many parents, it will be rated.